Self-care Tips Help You Living Better in Life

In our life, having people around helped is a great asset. However, we do not always get that pleasure. Furthermore, no one understands you than yourself about solving your own problems. Therefore, it is very important to have self-care skills or some self-care tipsSelf-care tips can help you get the best health and the spirit always ready for any challenges and difficulties in life.

According to Dr. Ryan Hooper, professor of psychology at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, self-care is a way to restore mental health and restore emotional energy. If we do not always take care of ourselves, we will feel exhausted. There are many ways to take care of yourself without spending a lot of time, even very simple, very fast and just have to do it regularly. We all have learned a lot about self-care skills. The ways we learn about it can also be different such as self-learning through experiences, a course at school or self-learning through books and the internet … Let’s take a look at these self-care tips. And do not forget to take notes and apply them to your life.

Self-care Tips

Laugh – even when your mood is not happy

Science has proven that laughing actually works well with health, whether smiling or laughing loudly. Our brains do not distinguish laughter from pleasure or deliberately laugh. You can find laughter yoga videos on the net and follow them. Laughing is an easy but effective self-care tip that you should not forget.

Decorate your work corner with photos of places you like

Often, people usually leave photos of their relative at the desk, not thinking of the landscape. Actually, stopping for a few minutes then see your favorite place photos is a good way to relax. Imagine being in those places, feeling the wind, hearing the sound, and letting the beauty of that place calm your mind.


This world and life are already noisy. Finding a quiet time in the day is essential to keep you in balance. The hustle and bustle of life are always huge. It is so easy to infect negativity and develop unconsciously. Taking time to calm down and gaining sight will help you see clearly what are the important things you need to pay attention to and what you should let go. You should try to spend at least 15 to 30 minutes each day to calm down and keep silence.


If you want to feel good and do something better, Let’s read. When focussing on your self-development goals, always having at least a self-development book is the way that keeps you on track and is motivated. In addition, immersing yourself in some fun magazines, novels, and other topics that arouse your interest.

Caring for something

Taking care of something is also a great way to look after yourself. Raising dogs, cats or planting ornamental plants for example. A recent study by scientists at Johns Hopkins University in the United States concluded that dogs can understand your moods and tend to seek ways to share and motivate you. Each time you plant a tree, observing large trees can also be moments of joy, improving your mood quite a lot.

Reading is the path to a different world. It gives you moments of relaxation, ‘high-faluting literature’, escape from work and real life. The more importantly you read, the more your brain is trained and improve your knowledge, your confidence, your mind, and your intelligence.


We live in an immense world, so it is important to step out and explore the life around you. Spend the weekend or vacation away from your ‘safety zone’. Discover new things, new cultures, and new experiences. Let’s go alone to discover ourselves. Discover new restaurants every month or make the meal that you never eat. The more you go, you experience, the more mature you will be in terms of personality and wisdom.

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